Vesela Melamed in front of Vagabond: We need faith in people!

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What are the most common mistakes that companies in Bulgaria and their employees have in dealing with clients?

Based on my experience with the Bulgarian companies, I can say that the most common mistakes on the part of the employers are that – they do not train their employees how to work with clients and what exactly is expected of them. Also very wrong is the selection of staff – not clear criteria, mainly thinking in the short term, to fill the position or the duties and responsibilities are transferred to someone else. There is no inclusion in the cause and mission of the company.

In most cases, employees do not feel part of the company’s growth and growth. Unfortunately, the bad attitude towards people is also very common, and this is to a large extent decisive for the attitude of the employees towards external clients. Things are intertwined as a relationship. It is right for the company to set and place the framework of behavior and culture both inside the company and the external client – this is a mirror reflection of internal behavior towards employees.

Does the Bulgarian client have any specific features that distinguish him from other customers in the world? If yes – what is the best approach to them? If not – why?

Overall, I think that we are everywhere, above all, people, and this must be decisive in our attitude. Some know more, others are more demanding, others are frightened by nature, but in the end we are all people. As a whole, Bulgarians are perverse and with very low expectations of the services that are offered. We need patience and a little more faith in people – no matter which side of the table we are.

Getting out of business, we are clients, but we rarely realize that we get what we give ourselves as an attitude. We love and always seek and blame someone else for mistakes or inaccuracies, even sometimes, but who does not make mistakes. We need to adapt to the different people (not to say clients) so that we can meet their needs or desires and even more to overcome them. There is no attention to detail.

What is ExTempore’s strong side in customer training?

I believe that the strengths in our training are a few – first, we believe in what we do and we do it with great pleasure for every client – individually or completely for each company. I assume that a great role in all this is played by the experience we have of the international companies in which we have worked – different nationalities like clients and colleagues.

This fosters tolerance and patience in communication, particular attention to detail and to every person individually. The way of presenting the information and the environment in which the training takes place, we rely on the discussion and the sharing of experience of each of the participants.

What inspired you to focus on this area of ​​consulting services?

I was inspired by my work for Emirates Airline, where they showed me everything was possible. With the right approach and training, people can achieve good and long-term relationships with each person and turn them from client to friend.

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