Strategic advantage through better customer service

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As we know, the success of an organization is determined primarily by demand and supply. If we have several suppliers and many users, vendors may dictate terms, and customers may have no choice but to accept them.

Most companies, however, are not so lucky. Competition has detonated the cozy castles of everyone, even the most powerful, and continues to undermine even them.

When competition flourishes, customer service is essential to the long-term viability of the company. That’s why it should be at the heart of its strategy. A company can only outperform its competitors if it can differ from them; and to be able to preserve this difference in time. Customer service is just that difference. That is why customer service is always critical to the success of an organization.

Few companies are able to excel in customer service as it is very difficult to control. For example, the level of service can vary considerably between two waiters in the same restaurant. A vendor can offer a superior customer service and then worsen it the next in the queue. The difficulty accumulates even more when dealing with multi-personnel staff. In addition to the differences in the workers of the different positions, we also have differences in the relationship between them.

This is both a challenge and an opportunity. Delivering superior service requires careful design and implementation of a whole system of activities that includes people, capital, technology and processes. The few companies that can manage this system stand out and become sought after. This is the basis of their competitive advantage.

Building and maintaining such a system does not require a heroic effort – it is not that difficult to get started. Today’s service is so depressed that it does not take much to surprise most of our customers and get them back for more. The trick is to start before our competitors and then be always a few steps ahead of them. In this way, we will serve the entire industry (sphere or community). Unlike price competition, which tends to drown all players, service-based competition is one of those tides that lift all boats at the same time.

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