How to answer questions about good customer service in an interview

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If you apply for a job in retail, customer service, or any other place where you interact with clients, the interviewer will want to understand how you interact with clients and provide them with help. A typical question in the job interview for this type of client-focused position is “What is good customer service?”

The interviewer wants to know what we mean by “quality customer service” and how we can provide it to customers. In response to the question, we need to be ready to give concrete examples of good customer service or personal experience at work or personal experience as a consumer.

Here are some customer service elements to highlight in your answer:

Knowledge of the product: Whether we are talking about books, advertisements on a website or any gadget, in-depth knowledge of the company’s product is essential to ensure customer service.

Attitude: Meeting people with a smile and friendly “Hello” can make a big difference in a shop. As with any other customer service position, friendly and patient attitude is very important.

Efficiency: Customers appreciate the fast response.

Problems solving: Whether they need a new wedding shirt or car spare part, customers are looking for help, and part of good customer service is solving the problem and answering questions.

Examples of best answers

These are sample answers that you can use to answer questions about good customer service:

• Good customer service means having in-depth knowledge and experience with products / services and being able to help customers make the best choice for them. When I was working at XYZ, I spent a few minutes each month reviewing the latest products to make sure I was fully aware of their parameters and way of working so I could make competent recommendations to my customers.

• Good customer service means treating them with friendly attitude and responsiveness.

• Good customer service means helping customers effectively, in a friendly way. This is one of the things that can distinguish a business from the rest of its industry.

• Good customer service means we can handle customer problems and do our best to stay more than satisfied.

• Good customer service means always being positive and ready to help our customers by doing their best.

• Good customer service means getting the most out of our product / service knowledge and understanding the needs of the customer.

• Good customer service means making a good first impression of the business, friendly greetings and behavior, and preserving this good impression in the future. Determining the customer’s needs and quickly solving his problems will lead to satisfied customers who will come back over and over again.

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