Event Awards “Beyond Customer Satisfaction 2015”

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On November 10, 2015, the second award ceremony for BEYOND CUSTOMER SATISFACTION 2015 was held at the Corso Restaurant in Sofia, with companies with high quality of the service offered by them *
Companies in the sphere of tourism, hotels, restaurants, the automobile industry, dental services and others were awarded.

The main organizer of the event was “EXTEMPORE SERVICE”, a leading agency for training and development of service staff with years of international experience.

The purpose of this initiative as a company engaged in the development of human resources in Bulgaria in the face of its Manager, Vesela Melamed, is to unite the efforts of the leading companies in the field of human resources as well as in services and production in order to increase the requirements and the results to the level of service and culture of relationship with the end customer.

The nomination method for the participants in the ranking is a periodic attestation at the “secret client” level and the long-term development goals in each individual organization, including the personal engagement of the individual employee, regardless of the position occupied.

“When the reunification of the efforts of leading companies in the field of human resources development and those providing services and products to the end customer is aimed at enhancing the demands and performance of services and creating a new culture of relations, we feel satisfied and our goals as an organizer are realized “.
Vesela Melamed
Managing Director

With the BEYOND CUSTOMER SATISFACTION 2015 award, they were honored:

“ЕСкай” – travel agency for airline ticket sales – nomination of a management team – for fast adaptation to new cultures / Turkey market / – realized trainings “The client – the one without whom we can not”, “Sales by phone”, a selection and evaluation scheme staff, internal organization of work and opportunities for professional growth; Secret client program

“Орбел Спа” Добринище – hotel complex – “customer service” nomination realized “Secret client” program for two years.

Хотел “Дипломат Плаза” гр. Луковит – marketing and sales department nomination – building and implementing a new strategy for corporate clients; Conducted trainings “The client – the one without whom we can not”, “Marketing and sales”, “Secret client” program;

“Renault Group” – sales and service maintenance of Renault, Nissan & Dacia brand cars; Realized trainings “The client – the one without whom we can not”; Secret client program.

Дентална клиника “Д-р Петър Дучев” – franchise dental clinic. Realized trainings “The client – the one without whom we can not”; Recruitment;

Chain restaurants “Щастливеца” – Bulgarian restaurant chain. Realized “Secret Client” Program

Partners of the event were:
“Банка ДСК”; “Европейска Академия за обучение и развитие” ; “Продакта”; “Награди”.
Медийни партньори: Авто Мотор и Спорт, B2B списание, СЕО клуб България

The team of EXTEMPORE Ltd. has proven experience in hospitality, international business, specialized tourism services, tourism, aviation, etc.

“ЕксТемпоре” ООД www.new.ex-tempore.com; v.melamed@new.ex-tempore.com ; 0899 947 703

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