9 body language habits that make you look unprofessional

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Whether you realize it or not, the use of inappropriate non-verbal signals can create a huge impediment to your success. Research shows that 60-90% of our communication with other people is non-verbal, which means that the body language we use is extremely important.

Therefore, the way you present yourself, and above all, the way you communicate non-verbally in these first few crucial minutes of meeting a new person can build or destroy potentially important business relationships.

Is it possible to send incorrect messages with the non-verbal language? Are you sure?

Here are 9 examples of bad body language that will undermine confidence in you and your good intentions … and will make you look unprofessional every time.

  1. When your back is too stiff and stretched, your shoulders are raised and pinched. You will look tense and vulnerable. Be aware of your posture and do your best to relax and feel comfortable.
  2. When your body points away from the person you are talking to. It says you are not engaged in the conversation, which means lack of respect. Keep your body facing the other person.
  3. When you lean back from the other person. This causes the man to think that you do not really listen to him. Tilt forward to him to show that you are interested in what he has to tell you.
  4. When you cross your arms and legs. What you say with your body is that you are not open to what the other person communicates – you are reserved. Keep your arms and legs uncrossed to show that you are engaged in the conversation.
  5. When you refrain from using your hands to gesture when you talk, it can reduce the listener’s confidence in you.
  6. A weak handshake communicates to the other person,  that you may be weak in another. Most people in business do not want to design such a message. Demonstrate confidence with a strong handshake.
  7. Avoiding contact with the eyes of the person on the other side may suggest the feeling that you are not interested in what they have to say (although too much eye contact can be confusing).
  8. Blink too much. This says you feel uncomfortable in the conversation. Watch your eyes!
  9. Speaking too fast makes you look nervous. Take a deep breath and talk slowly and clearly.

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