Event Awards “Beyond Customer Satisfaction 2014”

On 06.11.2014 the hotel hosts the “Park Inn Radisson Blu” hotel in Sofia, the first ever event of awarding “AWARDS FOR …- Certificates” to companies that have proven high quality of the service they offer * In the field tourism, hospitality, information technology.

The main organizer of the event was “EXTEMPORE” Ltd., the leading agency for training and development of staff in the field of service with long-standing international experience.

The event is the first of its kind in Bulgaria and its purpose was to launch an initiative for building a culture and quality of service. The companies with the high prize are the ones that have achieved the highest results from their creation to this day through investments in the training and organization of the work of its staff, as well as a proven attitude towards the client as a strategy for the development of the business.

The method by which the companies participating in the Prize Ranking were nominated is a periodic attenuation at the “secret client” level and the long-term development goals in each individual organization and the personal engagements of each individual employee, regardless of the occupational position in the organization concerned.

The aim of the organizer of the EXTEMPORE Initiative Ltd. as a company engaged in the development of human resources in Bulgaria in the face of its Manager, Vessela Melamed, is to bring together the efforts of the leading companies in the field of human resources as well as in the field of services and production with aiming to increase requirements and results to the level of service and culture of the relationship between the end customer and the organization.

With the BEYOND CUSTOMER SATISFACTION 2014 award, they were honored:

“Елфи Турс” – travel agency – training “The client – the one without whom we can not”; “Marketing and Prading”, creating standards for customer service;

“еСкай” – travel agency for airline ticket sales – “The customer – the one without whom we can not”, “Sales by phone”, Staff selection and evaluation scheme, work organization and career opportunities;

“БлекСиРама голф енд вилас” – golf complex – “The client – the one without whom we can not”, standards of work and building culture in the attitude towards the client

Hotel “Дипломат Плаза”Lukovit city – “The client – the one without whom we can not”, building a policy for motivating the staff, “Marketing and Sales”

“ИБиЕс” – Information Technology. Special Award for Achieved High Results in Customer Attitude. Realized trainings “The client – the one without whom we can not”; Leadership and Management

Partners of the event were:

Company “Бизнес Дей”; “Европейска Академия за обучение и развитие” ; “Продакта”; “Ко Либре” and “МапВио”.

“ЕксТемпоре” ООД hopes that this event will kick off to build a platform for communication and sharing of service practices, and customer feedback, turning the event into an annual event.
The team of EXTEMPORE Ltd. has proven experience in hospitality, international business, specialized tourism services, tourism, aviation, etc.