The extremely dynamic and open market in the national and global markets is in a difficult period. In today’s increasingly competitive environment, we are constantly changing our marketing and sales strategies or drastically lowering our prices.

Is this enough to attract more customers? How to make customers so prefer our services and products to those of the competition? The focus on the client, the high service standards and impeccable communication – this is the key to success.

A successful strategy for raising service levels includes two main things:

1. The service strategy should also cover internal clients, employees. The quality of the service to the external client starts from the inside – from the way colleagues in organizations are looking at each other. Each company must create its “value system” in the selection and training of staff.

2. Identify customer needs. Most clients are practical people. Most likely they will are returning to the organizations with which they have had positive experiences. Satisfaction and motivation are two different factors. A satisfied customer is not always motivated. Customers have different expectations from different business types. Our service expectations are make it smaller in a small private store than in a big boutique. The key to motivating clients return to their expectations rather than just satisfaction. To exceed customer expectations, we need to understand what he expects us to do.
We need to analyze what other needs he would have if his first contact with us is positive
result. Using SMILES will help you win and retain customers. By following
in this six-step process, you will be able to turn your potential and regular customers into
loyal clients, even the ambassadors of your organization.
*Preparing the environment
(external factors and a professional image)
*Make a good start
(creating a customer relationship)
*If I were you…
(understand your client)
*Watch, listen and learn
(verbal and non-verbal communication)
*Exploration and consent
*Achieving the Goal